Do please ring me on 07942 827123 if you have a questions

Virtual Consultation

If you are self isolating or don't want to leave your home you can still access my expert advice. Over the years I have helped to treat numerous patients who have self helped or listen to advice from friends about their problems. This can be dangerous, and you may make yourself worse. 
I have set up a way to offer you my assistance as if we are talking face to face, which we will be. I can then offer advice, exercise regimes, do you need to use hot or cold, what should you be doing activity wise all leading to you getting better more quickly. Plus you will have the knowledge that you have spoken to an expert.
If for what ever reason I can help you, as normal, I do not charge.

How will this work?

You can book online or phone to book. The initial consultation will last 20 minutes and I will go through a case history, medical case history with you, and see how you are moving. We will then book a second consultation for a little time later and in that consultation I will give you my considered advice. This will last about 10 minutes.

I am doing this as two separate consultations rather than a 40 minute booking as this gives me time to reflect on what you have told me and to make my advice for you as comprehensive as possible. I can also prescribe some exercises  (this takes some time) and go through these with you in the second consultation. Plus, I need time to reflect and make sure I give you the best advice, I usually do this while I am doing the hands on bit, so this gives me more time. 

I am going to use the application ZOOM as it is designed for business use and is secure and the video link is very stable. To get the best out of this service a laptop and email address are required. Due to demand they are restricting mobile phone use.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

Updated 14th March 2020
In view of the current situation we would be grateful if you would take sensible precautions to help protect our more vulnerable patients and family members. If you have any flu symptoms, including cough and fever please rearrange your appointment or have been in contact with someone from the listed countries you must not attend you appointment. We will not be charging for rearrangement of appointments even if it is at late notice if it is infection related. More detail information and guidance can be found at  PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND or at NHS 111 online.

These are the precautions that we are taking, many of these are routinely followed anyway;
  • Please wait in your car rather than the waiting room. Give me a ring to see if I am ready for you 07942827123.
  • All our linen is washed at 60 degrees or using antibacterial and viral washing liquid.
  • I have removed the under table heater as I have no way to sterilise this. If you are not warm enough do say and I can cover you in a large washable towel.
  • We wash our hands regularly during your treatment and we will continue to do this.
  • Card machines (use "apple pay" avoids all contact!), stationary, door handles, computer key boards will be cleared regularly. 
  • Hand sanitiser is also provided in the waiting area and treatment room.

Louise Cameron Osteopath Louise Cameron Osteopath treating a patient

What to expect on your first visit

 We allow up to an hour for your first visit. You will be asked about what has brought you to the clinic followed by a full medical case history. After this the Osteopath will look at you doing some movements and may do some other tests like reflexes. This may require some removal of outer clothing. Do bring a vest top or shorts if you would feel more comfortable. The osteopath will then discuss with you your treatment plan. This is followed by a full treatment. That may include advice and exercises as well.If you have any questions at any point during the consultation please do just ask.

What do Osteopaths treat?

Much more than you think. We are known for treating bad backs, but we can treat any part of the body; ankles, necks, elbows, headaches, shoulders............. For more information follow this link  "What We Treat"


Initial Consultation is    £50                Follow up Consultation is    £45   Virtual Consultations per session   £30
Cards, cash or cheques can be used to pay for treatment.  
Many private health policies will cover the cost of your treatment. Check with your insurer first.

Special Interests, Headaches and migraines

Louise has a special interest in treating headaches and migraines and can use a combined treatment approach of Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture and Cranial Osteopathy. Click here to find out more about the headaches and migraine clinic.

What Our Patients Say

If you would like to find out more about what our patients say then follow this link  " Testimonials Page"

Do I need to see a doctor before I see the Osteopath

The short answer is no. You can refer yourself directly to the Osteopath without seeing your doctor. If the Osteopath has any medical concerns, with your permission, they will contact your doctor. This would be discussed with you first.