Coronavirus, a summary of some of the changes

On Arrival

You will have received a triage questionnaire via email to fill in before you arrive. When you arrive please park directly in front of the sign, close to the front door.
Wait in your car, I will come out to meet you. I will bring a fluid resistant surgical facemask for you to wear. There will not be any other patients around.

Hygiene Measures

At the back door I will ask you to sanitise your hands and I will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer.
The treatment room has been rearranged so that we are further apart.
The table and pillows now all have wipeable surfaces and the room is throughly cleaned and aired between patients.  The covers on the treatment table are changed for each patient.

The Treatment

There is a new sink and taps to make washing from the elbows down easier for me.This is also the donning and doffing area for my PPE.
Payment for treatment will be done online after the treatment and I will send you an invoice with all the details that you need.
On finishing the treatment you will leave through the same door but my next patient will not be arriving for 45 minutes so that I can thoroughly clean the room.

Further Information on the changes to treatments


I will be wearing PPE appropriate for your treatment. In most cases this will be a fluid resistant facemask, my usual clinic coat. For each patient I will also wear a new apron and gloves.

I will be providing you with a type IIR fluids resistant facemask to wear.  You can bring your own facemask, but I would ask that it is type IIR fluids resistant one. There are certain medical reason why alternatives like visors might be used instead. 

I will keep researching the very best practice to keep us safe. So, safety procedures may change with time. For the safety of all, if you are not prepared to follow the practices safety procedures you will not be treated. I am sorry that I have to state this and I am adding it in-light of some of the issues colleagues have had since reopening.


Because of the facemasks, if you have difficulty communicating with me please let me know straight away as I have a clear visor I can wear instead. 

Paying and Rebooking Appointments

Before your treatment I will send you a Covid-19 triage questionnaire that needs returning to me the evening before your treatment. I will send an invoice with my bank details following the treatment, please pay this on the day of treatment. Please, please use your surname as the reference, so I can link your payment to you. Booking further appointments can be done online, or I will send you a text message/email with an appropriate time. 

Other Patients & Hygiene

You will not see any other patients as I will be booking 45 minutes in-between patients to properly clean the room. This will limit the time and number of appointments that I will have available, so please be understanding with this.


General Information

To protect my family and to comply with guidelines there will be no toilet facilities available to patients. I will not be using acupuncture at the moment as it is not allowed under the current guidelines.

Keep safe,

Louise Cameron

Registered Osteopath

updated 1st November 2020

Covid-19 Risk Assessments and Infection Mitigation Documents