Coronavirus, a summary of some of the changes

On Arrival

You will have received a triage questionnaire to fill in before you arrive.When you arrive please park directly in front of the sign, close to the front door.
Wait in your car, I will phone you or find you. There will not be any other patients around.
You will find me wearing full PPE.

Hygiene Measures

At the back door I will ask you to sanitise your hands and put on a fluid resistant facemask and I will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer.
The treatment room has been rearranged so that we are further apart.
The table and pillows now all have wipeable surfaces. 

The Treatment

There is a new sink and taps to make washing from the elbows down easier for me.This is also the donning and doffing area for my PPE.
Payment for treatment will be done online after the treatment and I will send you an invoice with all the details that you need.
On finishing the treatment you will leave through the same door but my next patient will not be arriving for 45 minutes so that I can thoroughly clean the room.

Further Information on the changes to treatments


I will be wearing PPE appropriate for your treatment. In most cases this will be a fluid resistant facemask, my usual clinic coat. For each patient I will wear a new disposable apron and gloves. Gloves will prevent me from washing my hands as often as I normally do, so this will be reviewed.

I will be providing you with a type IIR fluids resistant facemask to wear. Please bring a small plastic bag/container with you to place the facemask in following your treatment and bring it with you on your next visit. If you leave the mask in the bag/container so it is open to the air on a windowsill( so any moisture can evaporate), it will be fine for you to reuse for your next visit to me. You can bring your own facemask, but I would ask that it is type IIR fluids resistant one.

I will keep researching the very best practice to keep us safe. So, safety procedures may change with time.


Because of the facemasks, if you have difficulty communicating with me please let me know straight away as I have a clear visor I can wear instead. 

Paying and Rebooking Appointments

Before your treatment I will send you a Covid-19 triage questionnaire that needs returning to me the evening before your treatment, with this I will send an invoice with my bank details. Please, please use your surname as the reference, so I can link your payment to you. Paying and booking appointments can be done online, instead of face to face. Or I can do this following the treatment, outside 2 meters apart. (I cannot guarantee confidentiality whilst outside as I have neighbours, so rebooking online might suit you better).  

Other Patients & Hygiene

You will not see any other patients as I will be booking 45 minutes in-between patients to properly clean the room. This is 30 minutes to ventilate after you leave with the windows open to let any airborne droplets fall, then 15 minutes for me to wipe down all the surfaces. This will limit the time and number of appointments that I will have available, so please be understanding with this.


General Information

Sometimes I spend longer with patients than many of my colleagues do for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that I will treat multiple problems during the same treatment session. For everyone’s safety I need to keep treatment sessions to about 20 to 30 minutes. Normally this includes payment and rebooking which is why I suggest we do this online so that the time we have face to face is maximised with me being hands on. I hope that makes sense. 

Again to protect my family there will be no toilet facilities available to patients.

I have not increased my fees in a long time and now would seem a sensible time to do this. So, I am increasing my fee to £50 (new patient £60). I will not be charging for facemasks. If this is a real problem to anyone please let me know. I normally give a month’s notice for this in the waiting area, but this is not possible, so the first treatment back will be at the original fee. 

Keep safe,

Louise Cameron

Registered Osteopath

17th June 2020

Covid-19 Risk Assessments and Infection Mitigation Documents