My patients inspire me and sometime shame me into action. Well one patient in particular has inspired me to do this. So my treatment couch is redundant for the moment but I could use my running machine which has collecting dust for 6 weeks. My excuse, I've hurt my foot! I have the knowledge and equipment to treat it if my plan makes it worse.

So, why is this so important. OSTEOPOROSIS, that's why it is important. Basically bone will only stay mineralised (strong) if it is stressed with weight bearing exercise. So while we are all staying at home we need to make sure we still give our bones a work out. Great things to do are; gardening, jogging, dancing, stomp up and down stairs (perhaps not!), skipping. Anything that puts a force through your bones.

My progress so far;
Day one 0.7k
Day two 1.5k
I'll keep you posted