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Video Consultation Benefits

I had wondered about the usefulness of video consultations, after all Osteopathy is all about hands on!

Well, the last few weeks have demonstrated that as an Osteopath I do so much more than "just hands on". Guiding patients through an injury, a strain or a pain, really has been invaluable to my patients. It can be worrying and frightening when you're in pain and I have been there to reassure patients, to manage their progress with advice, exercise and a wealth of support. I found that just being there to answer question for my current patients and new patients has been the help that they need in these difficult times.

So, I'm still here for you offering Osteopathy just for you. Give me a ring if you would like some advice.

We're adapting and still here to support you!

These are difficult times. We all now know what we need to do to keep safe. As the scientists learn more about this new disease type, information and advice will change and we will adapt.

We have adapted by now refining our video consultations. Zoom is the platform that we are using because it is stable and secure. It is easy to have a video consultation with zoom and your computer will just ask you to install enough software for you to be able to see me and keep all that we discuss private. This is still a medical consultation so keeping your data safe is important.

To make an appointment please use the online booking system on the website.  
Keep safe,