It is natural to be concerned and worried about the spread to the virus. That is why I have made sure that I feel happy with the steps I have taken to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus before reopening. I hope that in reading all the steps that I have taken you will see that safety has been put before anything else.
Things have change quite dramatically in reopen for business. This is for your safety, my safety and that of my family.
Please do take time to read the pages with the instructions on them. I have done a quick summary and then more details further down the page. At the bottom of the page are the risk assessments.
Links to these pages are here and will be sent out when you book your appointment as well.
Initially, while I catch up with all the urgent appointments I will not be seeing any new patients. That is why new patients at the moment can't book online.
I am so looking forward to catching up with you, I have missed being a hands on Osteopath!