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Opening for business again

It is natural to be concerned and worried about the spread to the virus. That is why I have made sure that I feel happy with the steps I have taken to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus before reopening. I hope that in reading all the steps that I have taken you will see that safety has been put before anything else.
Things have change quite dramatically in reopen for business. This is for your safety, my safety and that of my family.
Please do take time to read the pages with the instructions on them. I have done a quick summary and then more details further down the page. At the bottom of the page are the risk assessments.
Links to these pages are here and will be sent out when you book your appointment as well.
Initially, while I catch up with all the urgent appointments I will not be seeing any new patients. That is why new patients at the moment can't book online.
I am so looking forward to catching up with you, I have missed being a hands on Osteopath!

We're adapting and still here to support you!

These are difficult times. We all now know what we need to do to keep safe. As the scientists learn more about this new disease type, information and advice will change and we will adapt.

We have adapted by now refining our video consultations. Zoom is the platform that we are using because it is stable and secure. It is easy to have a video consultation with zoom and your computer will just ask you to install enough software for you to be able to see me and keep all that we discuss private. This is still a medical consultation so keeping your data safe is important.

To make an appointment please use the online booking system on the website.  
Keep safe,

Louise Cameron Osteopath is closed with immediate effect due to the Coronavirus

This is the letter that I am sending to patients

Dear Patients, 

It really saddens me to have to write this letter to you but on reflection and following government advice, I have decided to close the practice with immediate effect. 

I will review this regularly and will reopen as soon as I safely can. 

For your information, I have started a blog and I will be attempting to make interesting videos and give advice through the blog (https://www.louisecameron.co.uk/blog) and Facebook. I am also offering online video consultations. These can be booked through the website. 

I really do appreciate you allowing me to treat and help you. I do hope that it will not be too long before we are catching up again.  

Thank you again for your understanding at this difficult time. Please keep safe and follow the governments advice. 

With kind regards, 

Louise Cameron

Registered Osteopath


Coronavirus My Update 21st March 2020

I've completed a little video today to explain treatments and the infection controls that I am using. For more information about the clinics infection controls follow this link

The video can be found on youtube