Headache & Migraine Clinic

Migraines and headaches can respond to a integrated approach. Using a number of approached to best suit each patient and their headache or migraine presentation.

Each case is very different with headaches and migraines in their symptoms and presentation. They are so common and can cause sufferers to make huge lifestyle changes because of them.

During the consultation and case history is taken including the medical history. Manual investigations into the structure and function of the spine may be appropriate to ascertain the source or cause of the problem. As some headaches can be coming from a mechanical problem in the neck. Sometime further medical investigations are needed.

All the findings will be discussed and a headache management plan will be made. Treatment could be a traditional osteopathic approach, crainial or functional osteopath or medical acupuncture (Louise Cameron has completed the Advanced BMAS migraine and headache acupuncture course).

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