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    Louise Cameron is registered with the General Osteopathic Council
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Welcome to Louise Cameron, Osteopath

Louise Cameron DO, BSc(Hons), is an Osteopath with over 30 years of experience, now serving the Rushden and the North Bedfordshire area. We treat all sorts of problems including all your aches, pains, trapped nerves....(the list goes on & on)....... 

We are passionate about providing the best Osteopathic treatment just for you. We treat low back pain plus so much more. The list is quite extensive so click here for more details. If you are not sure then ask if we can help, ring, text (07942 827123) or email to ask.  

We are proud to give you the professional individual attention that you need to get the problem resolved. Each treatment is based on a treatment plan that we will discuss with you, so the treatment is tailor made for you.

Louise Cameron is fully qualified and registered with The General Osteopathic Council (Registration No. 183), and The Institute Of Osteopaths

Wollaston Therapy Centre

Louise is working at the Wollaston Therapy Centre two day a week, Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons. 

All the details about how we work applies to both practice. However, I can not give acupuncture treatments at Wollaston Therapy Centre.

For directions to the Wollaston clinic please follow this link;

Appointment can be booked on 01933 664444 or 07942 827123

Or book online


What we Treat

As a guide here are some of more common problems that we can treat:

  • Low back pain, including sciatica, disc, and sacro-iliac joints
  • Joint pains including back, hips, knees, shoulder, elbows, etc
  • Neck, shoulder, upper back and arm problems, including tension
  • Headaches of varying types, including migraine prevention arising from the neck area
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries, including tennis & golfers elbow
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Muscle, Ligament & Joint Injury
  • Trapped Nerves
  •  Arthritic pains or rheumatic pains

The conditions the we treats are extremely extensive, so do feel free to ask us by phone (07942827123) or email ( to see if we can help you.


"I have to say Louise has changed my life. I'm no longer hunched over stooped forward and suffering both back neck and shoulder pain. The lump at the top has reduced so much it's unnoticeable, she knows my body and I trust her completely. I have seen her in different settings and I'm very pleased with both. I find her both a nice person and very professional. She takes the time to ask about my life and means that I can now function as a normal person again. I can't recommend this lady highly enough. She is an asset to the osteopath community."

L. E.

"Louise always makes you feel at ease in comfortable surroundings. The treatments that I have had from her have had instant and long lasting effects. I would highly recommend her."

E. R.

"This lady has magic hands. I am so much more mobile since I have been having treatment from her and my pain level has dropped. Many thanks Louise.x"
I. H.

"I went to see Louise on Monday, the practice is a lovely environment, Louise so approachable, she asked me some really good questions and thoroughly went through everything before she treated me. She really put me at ease. She obviously knows her stuff because I now feel amazing! I am very impressed with this Osteopath and her knowledge and approach, and would definitely recommend her to others."

"I have fibromyalgia syndrome and came to Louise on crutches, unable to walk unaided and unable to lift my arms up above my head. She is the first health professional who understands the condition and goes out of her way to not only treat the symptoms effectively and with care, but to keep up with disease developments and treatment suggestions. I now walk without crutches and can even go to the gym! I honestly couldn't recommend her highly enough! All Fibro Warriors in the area, you definitely need to book an appointment with Louise!"
M. U.

Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture & Cranial Osteopathy for Rushden and North Bedforshire area. 30 plus years of experience. Louise Cameron Osteopath. Osteopathy just for you. Providing Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture and Cranial Osteopathy the Rushden and North Bedfordshire area. Louise Cameron is a fully qualified Osteopath with over 30 years of experience. Treating aches, pains and trapped nerves; involving muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves etc. Patient from 7 day old to nearly 100 years old have benefited from treatment with Louise Cameron. Osteopathy just for you. Louise Cameron is registered with The General Osteopathic Council (Registration No. 183) and The Institute Of Osteopathy.